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Michal's Art

Michal will soon become a Bat Mitzvah and what she wants is for people to see her artwork and to learn about her fight back to health. To know this extraordinary girl, is to love her.


Please note that each painting is unique and specially made for the customer, the delivery time may be extended due to a request for paintings of different sizes.


About Michal.

Michal Lavi is a gorgeous 11 year old girl from Israel whose life has been turned upside down but is fighting hard to get it back.  Michal is a star tennis player, a talented artist and an outstanding student who is loved by her friends and family.  


Life changed for Michal during a night in May of 2019 when she woke up with chest pains.  After extensive testing, it was discovered that Michal was suffering acute heart failure.  She underwent various forms of treatment, however none were successful.  



phone: 917 - 306 - 3572
email: zakilavi1@gmail.com

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